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Right now we are not in crisis due to the number of men or women or transgender that are in job roles or leadership or CEO positions. The largest issue we have in Leadership across the globe is not what your leader is packing underneath their power suit.
Right now we are being distracted by numbers, how many women are in leadership roles, how many men and if we keep going we we will be talking about sexual orientation as a statics in Leadership instead of focusing on a much more pressing and deeper issue across Leadership right now. All of these numbers, lunches, rally’s are distractions, all distracting us from the real issue…. Connection in Leadership.
We are not connected fully to ourselves and then we ask our leaders to go and connect with their teams far and wide and wonder why confusion is running rampant.
Now you might be thinking, “but Julie only 1 in every 10 CEO’s is a woman, or men hold 5 times more leadership roles” but what if I put it this way…. Let’s say tomorrow morning you wake up and all these numbers are balanced, men, women, leaders, CEO’s all balanced across the board, would the real problem be solved now the numbers look right? Or is there something deeper going on we aren’t even talking about? Is there a feeling, lack of feeling or just something missing that you just can’t put your finger on?
If the numbers changed overnight would we all feel better? The simple answer is no. Without Connection to ourselves and Connection with those around us once those numbers lined up we wouldn’t have anything to distract us from the feeling that something vital was missing.
So here is why Connection is so important. To build any relationship we must connect on some level. Be it selling a product or service to another human, receiving from another human, getting support, getting others to take action, getting another person to understand you and being able to communicate, checking understanding, feeling understood, getting specific results or even tapping into our own motivation. Even when we log on to our laptops, devices, phones we need connection via FaceBook, Email, Messages, WiFi and the list goes on.
If we can’t connect we do not survive as a species! This is not some fluffy Leadership methodology this is how we function as Human Beings. This is reason why even when we achieve all our goals, hit the numbers we are seeking, something doesn’t quite feel right. It’s because as Leaders and humans we have forgot how to connect in with ourselves and be able to lead ourselves first and then go and lead others towards that same connection. I can not teach what I do not understand myself.
So maybe it is time to start factoring in as much time as we are currently in reviewing equality statics and numbers and invest that same amount of time in learning to connect with ourselves on a daily basis and connect with those around us every single day. Be it our teams, family, friends, colleagues, network, even the barista at the local coffee shop (as they are a human too, just in case we forgot) and see what happens when we intentionally connect with those around us at a deeper level. Numbers wont be the only thing that skyrocket.

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