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I talk to a lot of leaders every week, and so many of them feel heavy, feel burdened, overwhelmed with everything they need to do as a leader. So many of them feel that they’re not succeeding as a leader because of this overwhelm. I wanted to just touch on this because I actually see it from a different perspective, and I wanted to be able to put this out so if you’re a leader right now that’s feeling overwhelmed and you read this, I hope that this gives you some hope, and I hope that this lets you know that it’s not such a bad thing.


So why overwhelming leadership can actually be a good thing. Well, there’s a few reasons why. One of them, it actually means we’re ready to lean on our team. When you’re getting to the stage when you can’t keep up with all that’s happening, where you feel like your calendar’s exploding, where you just, you know those days where you just almost feel like you want to cry because of the amount of stuff you need to do, this is actually a really great thing, because what this shows is you’re actually ready to start letting go of some things to lean on your team, which means you’re actually starting to get ready to do more delegating and actually relinquish a little bit of control. Because as human beings, we have to sometimes get to that point of total overwhelm before we go, “Okay. I’m going to put my hands up. I actually need help.” It means we’re ready to lean on our greatest asset, our team, which is amazing. It opens up so much for us.


The second reason why overwhelming leadership can actually be a great thing, it means we’re actually up-leveling. When you get to a point where you’re going, “Oh my god, this is growing, I’m getting so many new clients. We’ve got so many more customers coming through our door,” all of those things, it actually means your business, your team, whatever it is, is actually up-leveling, which is hugely exciting. But as we take things to a new level, we need to actually do some stuff differently. What you were doing when you were maybe a single operator or had a single location or even single digit locations is very different to what you do when you’re a large corporate organization. We have to change some things because of the steps that we’re taking to grow, so understanding that when we up-level, some things need to change. We may need to change our processes, we may need to change how we manage our time, but this is all part of the up-leveling process, and if we look at it that our business is growing, it’s expanding, this is quite exciting.


It also lets us know we are ready, number three, it shows we are ready to start our delegation journey or increase our delegation journey, and delegation is so key. I’ve written so many blogs about this because I’m so passionate about delegating the right things to the right people, and how this can not only lighten your load as a leader, but it can also, and it should also develop your people. So when we’re feeling overwhelmed, it means we’re ready to lead our biggest asset, it means we’re ready to up-level, and it means we’re ready to let go and we’re ready to delegate more, which means we’re actually not only ready to lean on our people, we’re ready to develop our people, which is hugely exciting. When you’re having that day when you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with what you need to do as a leader, I want you to think of those things. How can I lead on my team? How exciting is this? We’re taking things to a new level, which means I might need to change, and how can I delegate more to develop my people and take them to the next level as well. Because remember, when my business up-levels, I need to up-level as a leader and so do my team.


So, I wish you lots of overwhelm, I wish you lots of business success, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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