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I realised last week, that I have this conversation everyday with Leaders far and wide but I haven’t wrote about it which is insane!
So welcome to the first part of the connection series because no team can succeed without it!
There are a few key reasons why Connection is not just something for your wifi. We all need it AND will search for it until we find it.
Here are 3 reasons why Connection is Key for your team
  1. As human beings we all seek connection and to belong
Your team are looking to belong to somewhere and something bigger than themselves, it’s in our DNA which is why we have always been in close proximity to each other.
A team is a perfect place to not only be an individual but also have a strong sense of belonging. We as a Leader create this sense of belonging within the team. That’s right! It’s not getting lucky with the right team or crossing your fingers everyday before coming into work. The Leader creates the rules of how we interact and how we accept others in the team which creates a safe place where your team feel they belong and that they fit.
Think of the last great leader you had, for some of us it might take a minute, and think of the feeling you had being in that team. How your input was important and you felt at home there. Normally we simply think the stars aligned and we just got lucky but it comes down to a great Leader!
  1. A team is simply a group of individuals looking to be heard and understood
Sometimes we see a team as the job that they do or the customers that they serve but the reality is they are simply individuals looking to be heard and understood. That’s right each person in the team wants to communicate and have input into the team be heard. I often say to Leaders if you lead the individual you will lead the team. AS a Leader we need to connect with the individuals in the team and this will help create connection within the team.
Creating forums where the team can generate ideas, give feedback (yes feedback can be hugely positive) and help create the future of the team and business creates a feeling of being heard and an increase of understanding within the team and the individuals.
  1. Connection = Team Loyalty 
When we invest in our team our biggest worry is that they will leave and that time will be wasted. When we create connection within our team this creates a sense of loyalty to not only you as the leader but also to the team and business. This loyalty and connection increases retention rates and keeps your team loyal to your business and sticking around! This alone can save thousands for any business and can increase our efforts to truly connect with our team.
For these reasons and more Connection and Connecting with your team is vital to growing a strong capable team that you actually grow your business and delight your customers.
Stay tuned for more on connection coming soon….
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