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One of the BIGGEST challenges for any Leader in the Retail Industry is knowing what to delegate and how-to best delegate it. These are questions I have asked myself for years, over and over again as I refine the answers and techniques to make Delegation simple and cost effective (because it is the most cost-effective thing you could do).

What I have found is a lot of leaders aren’t really sure how to do this effectively and efficiently and spend far too much time going back over the tasks they have delegated fixing or changing them and end up feeling frustrated and exhausted and feel delegation is to blame.

The truth…. Are you ready for this?…Is No One Will Do The Job Like You…. There is no one else on the planet like you so if you are looking for someone to think, act and have outcomes just like you, you will always be disappointed.

But true Delegation isn’t getting everything done exactly how you would do it and here’s why.

There are 2 Levels of Delegation:

Level 1 – Cake Mixture Delegation – this is where like baking a cake each step is laid out in black and white, add x to y and then mix for 5 mins. Each step is outlined and all the team member has to do is follow the reciepe. This requires limited thought and zero creativity from the person delegated to and is a great starting place for our team members to grow their confidence and also us as the Leaders to grow our skills in delegating.

Level 2 – Outcome Focussed Delegation – In Level 2 the Leader lets go of how the team member gets to the outcome and allows them space to get to the desired outcome using their own skills and finesse. In this level the outcome is crystal clear BUT the Leader steps back and allows the team member to find their way (while being close for support or guidance) and grow their problem solving and decision-making skills.

Level 2 is where the magic happens!

At this level the Leader can let go of the weight of the how and laying things out step by step and start to grow trust in their people. This opens doors for the team to shine and start tapping into their own initiative and creativity. Once rapport and trust are developed larger tasks and projects can be assigned allowing the leader space to step into the Strategic space.

BUT! To get there as Leaders we must let go of expecting perfection from the start. To make this a true success be prepared to tweak, adjust and give feedback to help the team member grow and learn. Remembering 1. Where this is headed and more importantly 2. That you also started where they are and were given time to learn and grow skills.

I LOVE playing in Level 2!

I give my team things that I know play to their strengths (which are mostly not mine…. Upcoming blog on this coming soon) and things they are so great at and love to do and the things they create absolutely blow my mind! Giving them freedom to develop and create in this space has halved my workload and allowed me to focus where I need to without ever feeling overwhelmed by how much we have on right now.

If you have a team and feel overwhelmed by deadlines or increased workload this is the key!  Before I start any task I ask myself one simple question….

Am I The Right Person To Do This Task? If it is anything else but a HELL YES! I quickly delegate it to the person in my team that will do it in 1/3 of the time I would spend on it. This saves me money and time every single day.

Level 2 is where you dig into the strengths of the team and allow yourself as the Leader to play at your strengths Leading and Strategy. And that type of combined team achieves things together none of them would have imagined alone.

Where you are right now is okay, start from where you are, but start today! Delegate something and start increasing your teams’ skills in the business and your skills in letting things go (start small of course) and getting into the Strategic Leadership space.

We would love to hear from you! So please let us know how you go taking your delegation to the next level.

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