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So as part of my connection series, one of the first things that we need to talk about is how do we connect with our team. Now a lot of leaders may not think this is really important, but really great leaders understand that if I’m connected with my team, then this is where the magic happens. Now when I talk about connection, I don’t mean a  Wi-Fi connection or connected to them on social media. I mean actually connected so I understand them. So there’s three ways that you could actually start to get truly connected to your team and start seeing results.


Number 1 is to get to know them as an individual.


So it’s sometimes when we’re overlooking a team, we see the group, the collective. We actually don’t see the individual. Start getting to know your team as an individual. And that can be as simple as when I’m having a one-on-one with them, I ask them what’s happening for them in life in general. And I know this is cringe-worthy question, because we’re worried about people oversharing. But 99% of your team will actually be thinking, “Wow! They’re asking about me as a human being.”


It can be as simple as having a conversation as you’re working on the training floor. So getting know them as an individual doesn’t have to be an interrogation. It doesn’t have to be something that makes you both uncomfortable. It can be just something that you add into conversation to actually start building some knowledge about your team and understanding them better.


What happens when we start understanding people better leads me to…

Number 2. Finding out what they want.


So this is about what people want in general. So do they want a career? Do they want to just be the best in the particular field that they’re in? Do they want more responsibility? Do they want more income? What is that they actually want? Because if we can find out exactly what they want, it actually helps us in a whole range of scenarios as a leader. It helps us understand what to delegate to them. It helps us understand what type of things that will get them going. It helps us understand what they truly want so we can give it them and actually make them loyal to our business.


Not everyone wants money. Not everyone, that’s their driving force. So that leads me to…



Number 3. We actually need to get to the core of what motivates them.


Once I know what they want, I can actually delve into what actually motivates them to get there. So give an example, let’s say they want more money. That’s what they want. What’s motivating them to get more money? So it might be that they actually want to buy a house. It might be that they want to be able to go on holiday. It might be that they want to buy a new car. So we find out what really motivates them. It’s not actually the money that’s actually motivating them when we get down to it. That’s what they think they want, but what they actually, they want what the money can get them. So when I say people aren’t all motivated by money, this is why. A lot of us, and a lot of your team, are motivated by what that money can give you.

So we need to find out at the core what motivates them, so we can help them achieve that, so we understand if we’re giving them a pay raise but we’re getting them to work 20 hours a week more, that may actually not balance out to be what they actually want.


To connect with our team, we need to get to know them as a person and an individual, find out what they want, and get to the core of what motivates them. Really understand that.


That is how we connect with them, and that is how we make delegation, we make accountability, we make all of those things we need as a leader to pass on to our team so much easier.


So, of course, if you have questions, please contact us.

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