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Every leader wants a connected team. They not only want a team that succeeds, but they want a team that truly as works as one and people who actually support each other, they work with each other, and it’s kind of like a really smooth running machine, a well running machine.


But sometimes we don’t know how to actually start to create this time and what I’ve noticed is people actually think that these teams are recruited, so I recruit the right people and I create this connected team. And yes, creating the right people is a part of the story, but it’s not all of the story. So let’s talk about some ways we can actually create a connected amazing team.


So the first one to really identify for you is great teams don’t just happen, they’re created by a great leader. So we need to stop thinking that we’re going to recruit the right people and they’re all just going to mesh and it’s all going to be beautiful. We have to be the leader that helps create this great team.


So, what if I don’t feel like I’m a great leader. Leaders are always learning. So how do I create that connected amazing team? I actually connect to them and I actually make a plan of how I’m going to keep my team connected. Which means, it can be as simple as I actually get projects where more than one person works on that project. I get them to connect. I have meetings and open the floor to people. I get them to connect.


The second way is getting to know your people, and I’ve talked about this is multiple blogs, about how this is so important, it’s vital for leadership, that I actually know my people! If you want to create that smooth, running machine in your team and your business and your organization, we have to know our people.


Once we know our people, we actually need to keep bringing them together, because we know the individual, now we need to keep bringing them together. And a great way to do this is to create shared goals. So a lot of leaders actually hide away their budgets and their targets and their production targets and financial targets and sales targets. We actually want to have shared goals within the team because once, as a team, if we’re all looking towards the same goal, as human beings, we start looking at how we can work together, because no longer am I just trying to advance my own individual career within the team, I’m actually looking at how we can all get to this one destination. So creating those shared goals and sharing them and keeping your team focused on them will help you created that connected team. But remembering when we do this, it’s not just about goals we set, we need to get the team involved in goal setting and there’s a few blogs that I’ve written about that, so check them out.


The last one is to celebrate the success of the individual and the team. So it’s really important to have balance here, that we celebrate, if Joe has done an amazing job, helping us towards our shared goal, that we recognize Joe in that. If Sheila has done the same thing, we recognize that. But we also recognize what we’ve all achieved together, so it’s planning that balance between identifying these superstars that are in your team and what they’ve done, but also identifying that, without working together, we couldn’t reach this overall goal that we’re heading towards. So we need to celebrate the success of the individuals, as well as the team.


As we go along this journey of creating this connected amazing team, we need to make sure that we remember this is a journey, these doesn’t happen overnight. Amazing teams aren’t formed in one month or two months or six months, this is 12,18 months, even 2 years to create an amazing connected team, depending on the size.


As a leader, it’s really important that you’re feeding your mind and that you’re reaching out for support to those around you and celebrating the wins that you’re having as well. You can create an amazing team, as long as you keep consistent and you keep going

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