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The best way to not only measure our success but also keep us on track is to create simple Improvement Plans.

These plans do not have to complicated and work best if they are simple and action focused.

There are a few key things to remember when creating a plan:

  1. It’s Not All About Weaknesses

So many plans start with here is my weakness. If we are looking for quick wins then only focusing on our weaknesses is definitely not one! Yes we need to be working on our weaknesses but we also need to be looking at the areas that wining a little or are almost wins as these areas have the biggest return on our investment of time and energy.

For example, You have a range of products that sell well but there are in the back area of the shop so customers have to search for them. If they are selling well they are already a win, but what would happen to sales if they were in the middle of the shop OR in more than one location.

For a small time investment, you can see great return.

  1. You Can Grow Your Strengths!

Strengths don’t stay strengths by doing nothing with them. A strong muscle doesn’t stay strong if we stop working out and working on it. We must stay focused on our strengths as these are the things that is retail will carry us through the tough times.

Look at your strengths and ask yourself and your team, how can we improve this 1%

If you are improving only 1% but doing this consistently over time there are massive results and that strength will become a powerhouse in your business.

  1. Collaboration Is King!

There is a saying, “if you want to fast go alone. If you want to go far go together” and this is still so true. When we look to collaborate at any level in an organisation our energy, ideas and power to succeed grow rapidly.

Who in your network has the strengths you need? Who has the contacts / resources?

Instead of trying to be master of all see how you can collaborate with those around you and work to each other’s strengths and go far!

  1. You Can Lead

Instead of looking at what the competition is doing / saying / training / or even creating look to lead the way and try new things.

This is a time where we can let our imagination play. Think of how you would like things to be in a certain area and brainstorm. Don’t let current reality stop you from letting you imagination run wild with ideas. This is how every new innovation was born!

Once you have a pool of inspiration then see what we can implement and the impact this would have on the Business / Sector or even Industry.

We won’t always be able to run with every idea but if we don’t even try we will always be behind someone who is.

      5. Involve Your Team!

So many Leaders think they need to create, plan and implement every change or new idea when really this has an adverse effect. Your team have great ideas, so let them share them. We worry so much that if we don’t choose their idea it will end badly but the truth is just to be heard can mean a great deal to your team.

If we are able to have a healthy discussion around the ideas and choose the best one with all voices being heard, the “they didn’t pick me” won’t be an issue.

Get the team involved from the start and see how fast things happen when it’s not just You as the Lead pushing the boulder.

Using these 5 as a guide you can create not only involvement in your team but success and great results to keep improving your Business and Team long after the yearly reviews have been filed.

So what’s your next step?

If you are ready to create lasting behavioural change in your team click here to set up a FREE Leadership Consultation and let Flying Colours Leadership ….Help Your Team Soar!

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