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The key to you having the culture your Business deserves is through your PEOPLE!

Your team is the key to long-lasting Business success and here at Flying Colours Leadership, we are ready to help your team have the tools to succeed every day!

We Build AND Deliver tailored training programs that fit your specific business needs because we know NO two businesses are the same.

We are not about cookie cutter programs, no we write individual programs that hit the exact needs of your business with you in the drivers seat.

We know that culture doesn’t change after a 1 Day workshop so we work with you to develop a strategic 6 – 12-month plan to create lasting change in your organisation that does fade after the last slide has been shown.

We only work with organisations committed to developing their people and creating lasting change in their business, and we give you the attention you deserve to make this happen!

When you have a Team Development Expert on your side giving you the tools to success, you will be amazed at what you can achieve and fast!

Our clients see results in their people after the first workshop and the behaviour continues to shift during the whole course of the program.

If you are ready to take your Business and people to the next level contact us for an obligation FREE consult.
Let’s discuss how we can work together to take your culture and business to the next level that not only excites your existing customers but creates a team of advocates for your Business!

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“Julie is an inspirational and motivational person who has been able to help me build and maintain my self worth and confidence. I had a high level of trepidation as to how to proceed with my life and I found Julie to be wonderful with no judgement and absolute support.

Janine Jenner

“You are a natural facilitator that adapts to your audience.  You have the ability to engage the most challenging participants and bring them on a journey of the subject matter at hand.  In particular, I would like to commend you on your facilitation skills the  program I attended a few years ago.”

Pam Carter

The service I received from Julie Cook at ‘Flying Colours Success Coaching’ was fantastic! The advice given within the monthly workshops was relevant and relatable, especially for my work place.  If you are looking for an unbiased approachable person who is easy to talk to, Julie Cook is certainly the person to contact.”

Maria Stanford

“A very big thank you to my coach Julie Cook who has been working with me on creating my first mini workshop. I have gotten so far with Julie’s help and it is so exciting.”


“The leadership program has opened up a whole new mindset of how to focus on and complete my goals. Julie Cook has helped me to understand that in order to succeed I need to be able to see the successes I achieve everyday no matter how small they seem.”

Aja Kinninment

“I received a wonderful gift of speaking with Leadership Coach Julie Cook.  Im at a stage of development and change in my life so I was eager to see how the session would assist me.  Julie has a such a warm personality which allows you to open up and she listens attentively.  I started to ‘ramble’ about my intentions and she simply boosted my confidence in where I wanted to go.  I do agree that verbalising is so important as it clears the mind and your intentions become more vivid.  Julie allowed this to happen.  Thanks so much.”


“Yesterday I had the privelage of meeting Julie and wow was our meeting exciting, amazing, incredible, and full of laughs. So much got done in such a short time and Julie knows what she is talking about that there were no awkward silences or anything. She gives you wonderful ideas to think about and helps you to see what you are wanting from a different perspective. Thank you so much Julie..”


“A huge shoutout to my coach Julie Cook who continues to propel me forward with my business. Most awesome business coach ever. Thank you.”

D x

“Julie you are one special Leader, Friend & Mentor you helped a part of me heal and a part of me flourish like I never imagined possible. . I am humbled by the experiences shared and indebted to this wonderful course.”


“I was experiencing a disconnection between myself and my client.  This made me stress and worry because we had previously enjoyed a really positive client working relationship for almost 12 months, Julie gave realistic, and actionable advice that I could readily implement straight away – and it brought about the hoped for results immediately. She gave me the tools and insight to make my ‘best case scenario’ happen. I like that she didn’t give me a long lecture on how to lead, but respectfully pointed out that regardless of who was to blame or at fault, that I could take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.”


“Julie’s advice for negotiating made it less about performance, or a lack thereof, but about highlighting processes and actions that each party valued and required. I’m really happy that I was able to maintain the positive relationship with my client, both for the sake of our business, but also for the sake of friendship and good intentions. Nobody likes it when relationships turn sour.”


“Julie is clear headed and pragmatic. She knows her stuff and communicates it confidently. I had no doubt that she understood my predicament and could advise the best course of action. If you’re inclined to lend more towards positive action, instead of traditional “conflict resolution” and assessing where the breakdown happened, then you’ll enjoy working with Julie and see immediate results within your business.”

Seed Social

“Julie Cook is truly an exceptional leader trainer and speaker. Highly recommend her. She’s changed my thinking and empowered my working relationship with hubby hugely by showing how our differences are our biggest business asset abd how to use this to lead better. Def worth chatting to her if you need help seeing things clearly xx”

Louise Agnew


Quickly and easily increase the productivity of your people and start saving You Time and Money!

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We Build AND Deliver tailored training programs that fit your specific business

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